Why use music for your restaurant?

It is no secret that the best form of entertainment in a restaurant is great music. Having the best music choice or a band that plays the customers favourite sound makes the customer have an unforgettable experience and would certainly keep coming back for more.

Does music have other uses in a restaurant? The answer is definitely yes. Music also has the role of attracting more new customers to the restaurant and acts as a catalyst which encourages most of them to have more drinks as they enjoy the music and consequently spend more.

But, why would an owner opt to introduce live music in their restaurant? Here are several tips on why I would consider having a live band and how I would make most out of the live music.

Why use music for your restaurant?

Music and food are known to share a connection that can only be termed as intimate. Both of them trigger emotional responses which give the restaurant a great personality. The emotions that result from them create unforgettable memories for the customers.

When music and food are brought together, they create a brand for the restaurant business and these customers will have more ways of describing the restaurant as opposed to using the type of food and services offered.

Whether as an owner I opt having a band singing certain favourite tunes, or a pianist entertaining the customers while having a Sunday brunch or even an upcoming cool singer trying out their potential, the restaurant brand’s expression will be more powerful than it was before.

So, how can someone get the best out of live music and get the band to welcome the customers? To begin there is a need to get a solid concept.

Finding the right music

The easiest way to find the right music that will entertain customers is by coming up with a theme for the restaurant in order to get it more conceptual. Music and everything it would entail in the restaurant is as vital as the lighting and the decoration in it.

What theme of the restaurant is to be enhanced by music? What is its image? What does it represent? How does it differ from its competitors? These are the vital questions that would help in determining the music that will be used for the restaurant.
An Italian theme which I prefer for the restaurant I would demand either sticking to the Italian classic and switching it with a little creativity and have the band play a classic feel-good soul music or an Italian soul-pop.

Meeting the customers’ expectation

New guests always look for a restaurant that surpasses their expectation in terms of entertainment and food. Most of them like an atmosphere that offers something unique and at the same time familiar to make them feel at home. The live music offered should meet all of this expectations in order to attract more customers and also retain them.
Finding what the guests like also offers an opportunity to offer them the live music of their lifetime.