Drinks are a basic

Hospitality is one of the busiest and most rewarding sector to venture in as an entrepreneur. Hotels have many departments ranging from waiters, cooks and chefs, cashiers, who are commonly found behind the counter among others places. Being a cashier is among the departments that requires a lot of concentration and you have to be very keen while giving out changes and writing the bills for the customers so that you do not overcharge or undercharge them. Over charging the clients may lead them not to come back while undercharging them will lead the business to make losses and may even end up closing down.

The counter person is also responsible for providing fast and efficient services to the customers. They also welcomes customers in the hotel, takes their food and beverage orders. They are also in charge of preparing and serving cold and hot drinks. Behind the counter servers are also responsible in payment collection after the customers are done eating and drinking and also they maintains cleanliness of the floors and counters.

In order to be a counter attendant, one needs to be able to take orders of different customers at the same time and deliver them accurately. You are required to be physically fit as the job entails standing all through your shifts and you may carry some heavy boxes and other items throughout you shift.

Drinks are a basic and a must have in a hotel. Having different types of drinks is a wise decision as they helps in serving in different occasions, people and also events, but having such a selection of drinks might be difficult if you don’t know how to get them. It is good for one to have a store where you are guaranteed to have cold drinks with ice at a lower price and of high qualities. This will be to maximize profits and at the same time provide your clients with a quality product as this helps in creating customer loyalty.

There are some things to consider while selecting and buying drinks for your hotel. Some of the things that you are supposed to look at while buying the drinks includes, calculation of the number of customers that visits your hotel on a daily basis. This helps in calculating the exact amount of drinks that you will store in your hotel. Always let your budget on drinks to store depend on the type of customers who frequents your hotel and. If possible, always have some unlimited drink packages of drinks of the brand that is mostly used.

Buying all your stock in bulk in a wholesale store reduces the expenses and hence increase savings. This savings helps in growing of the business. Hotel’s management depends on how you interact with your workers from all departments. This makes it easy to manage and control as all departments depends on each other and this makes it easy to manage and run your hotel and hence making of profit is easy and quick.